At this point in the year, many of us are planning and dreaming of something better than what we experienced in 2016. Maybe we are dreaming of more success in business, love and influence? Possibly we are planning for a better commitment to our physical wellbeing? And there are some who are simply planning to plan for a better future! Whichever category you have placed yourself in, I wanted to deposit a quick thought into your process…

Did you shine?

You are probably wondering exactly what do I mean by ‘shine”? You may be thinking, ‘If she only knew what hell I experienced this year1″, or ” How can I shine when I have no one to experience life with?” Well, I am here to share a simple truth with you…

Darkness can come in form of a loss in your life. I lost my grandmother earlier this year and that was a challenging time for me. Have you loss someone you loved in 2016?

Darkness can come in the form of health challenges. This was one of THE painful years for me in terms of health and wellbeing. Has your body suffered this year?

Darkness can come in the form of broken marriages, homes and relationships with loved ones. Have you experienced a broken heart or spirit at the hand of another?

Darkness comes into our lives and this is part of our human experience. But, it is not merely the darkness that causes us to shine.

It is what we DO IN THE MIDST of the darkness!

I am sure we all know people who collapse under the pressure of life and never recover. They focus on the darkness and not their light. They lose hope in the possibility of the darkness lifting. I am here to tell you this unwavering truth… The darkness will ALWAYS lift! It is a temporary condition with temporary impact…as long as you understand it’s purpose. And the purpose is to polish you…to perfect strengthen you.

Oxford Dictionaries define ‘shine’ as to “make (an object made of leather, metal, or wood) bright by rubbing it; polish”. To the trained eye, a tarnished piece of silver with intricate detail, beautiful curves, and weight is a precious discovery! The tarnish does not diminish the value of the piece. The collector understands that the piece simply requires restoration. The rubbing off of the tarnish may be tedious, dirty and time-consuming, but with expectant hope and unwavering faith, the collector can already see the precious gift awaiting them.

Our lives are that precious gift! Resist the temptation to disregard your challenges. Allow your life to shine! The rubbing process is temporary! The darkness covering you right now will fade away. Shine brightly in the midst of the darkness! You will not only encourage and empower yourself, you will impact the lives of others in ways you can hardly imagine.

Shine. Bright.


This has been a transforming year for me. I have discovered things about myself that have been grossly neglected for decades. Yesterday, as I wrote in my journal about the past week, the following imagery engulfed my imagination and I let it flow…Here is what I saw:

Being a visionary and entrepreneur is a part of who I have always been. “She” was always here, but for 40 years, I have allowed her to be quietly escorted to a basement room in my mind and locked away. No one mentions that room…what may be in that room.


In September 2016, Someone started inquiring about the temple (My Body)…started assessing its condition and its spaces. Then, that room in the basement was uncovered and it was revealed that it was named, “Visionary and Builder”. I never knew it existed but I now wanted to get inside to see what was in there.

Belief was the key that opened the heavy, wooden door. Once opened, there “she”sat…waiting. She was smiling and there was a sparkle in her eyes. “Are you ready to shine now? Because I am!”

I reached for her hand and looked deeply into her eyes. They were electrifying! As she walked me through this room, she showed me rows and rows of books with my name on it. As I opened one book after another, I discovered she had been creating ideas, concepts and products that the world needed. I also saw walls filled with statements of faith and belief in who she says Dawn is:

“I am successful.”

“I am powerful.”

“I am needed.”

“I am irreplaceable.”

“I am a visionary.”

“I am valuable”

“I am a creator of healing spaces.”

I looked at them, then looked at her. I then asked a question, “Who put you in here? Why did they put you here?

She looked at me…almost sad.

“You put me here. You were convinced that I was not needed or wanted for your life. The people in your life made you believe it and you accepted it…until now! I heard movement outside that door for the first time in decades. That is when I knew my time in here was coming to an end. So, I prepared for your arrival so that you would NEVER AGAIN doubt who you truly are. Now, let’s go! This temple must be finished soon. There is much work to be done within it and outside of it. I already know what to do…Follow My Lead.”

The visionary and entrepreneur has been released and my entire life is about to change!

Power of Intention

Last week, I experienced an amazing manifestation of an imagined thought. What was once only on a paper, became a realized dream right before my eyes. If you asked me a year ago if any of this was possible, I would have said, “For someone else, yes.” My belief muscle was so weak that any resistance would have caused me to coward away in fear. What a difference a year can make!!


I took a trip home to Brooklyn NY last weekend for an event hosted by my life coach. The topic of the event was Confidence. As I drove through Downtown Brooklyn, I started to remember the last time I walked those busy streets. My final year as a senior in high school was a challenging one. Finally heading out into the world on my own, ending a relationship of 2 years with my then boyfriend, still feeling incredibly insecure and self-conscious and not being fully convinced of my life’s path. That was a heavy load to carry with no real outlet to release it. It was me, God and my journal ( I still have days like that!) Needless to say, I was not a confident young lady and I had no idea just how dangerous that would be. The subsequent years would be spent in abusive relationships, crippling self-doubt and unspeakable fears about whether my life was good enough. As I drove down familiar roads watching young woman walking and going about their day, I wondered how many of them are experiencing the same things that did? And did they even realize what was possible for their lives? The walls you build around yourself to function in NY can be very tough and for a long time, I thought I needed them to be safe emotionally. But, oh what a difference a year can make!


Imagination is defined as ” the creative ability to form images, ideas, and sensations in the mind without any immediate input of the senses (such as seeing or hearing).” Imagination is a muscle that not everyone is blessed with. I have always had an active imagination so seeing what is not physically present comes naturally. But sometimes, when a part of you is wounded, your imaging faculty becomes sluggish and unclear – weighed down by the layers of pain, doubt and fear. Similar to a body weighed down by excess fat, you must shed the burdens in order to see the definition of the muscle and strengthen it. I have spent the past year strengthening this muscle that I allowed to go unused for many years due to fear, pain and doubt. Imagining what is possible for your life when you do not believe you are worthy of it is nearly impossible! BUT, you can overcome it. There are 3 steps that I took CONSISTENTLY for a full year to unlock my hindered imagination:

Writing Down my Limiting Beliefs

This process was uncomfortable – period! I did not want to do it and a lot of guilt surfaced in the process. Seeing on paper the thoughts I held as law was very telling and exposing. I had no choice but to wrestle with it and accept them as mine.

Writing Down the Opposite of those Beliefs

Once confronted with these limiting beliefs, I re-wrote them with the words, “It is possible…” and then wrote the opposite of those beliefs. Once fully written, I spoke these renewed beliefs out loud every day in front of a mirror.

Attaching a vision to those New Beliefs

And finally, I needed to delete the old images associated with the old belief systems. You know what I mean – the vision you hold of yourself as always being fat, or a poor communicator or a failure in business. I cancelled those images and injected a renewed vision for my life! My vision was detailed and one that moved me to action. I allowed myself to remain in that vision for at least 15 minutes per day in order for a new narrative to be downloaded within me.

So where did all this lead me?

This image may appear to be an empty room, but for me it is a dream realized. On Monday of the same week, I drew a sketch of this very room…before I ever knew I would be in it. I drew myself standing before woman speaking to them about their wellness and the importance of investing in it. In 5 days, my imagination became reality! When I say that I sketched this occasion, I mean down to the seating configuration! The power of the imagination! Being able to stand there and encourage woman who were hungry for better possibility in their lives was beyond amazing – it was filling! I felt emotionally and spiritually full after that day because I knew at that moment that my entire life was about to change. I knew that my purpose and path were established and that I could move forward is faith and conviction.

It is a wonderful place to be…

Living Our Habits

Have you ever walked into a room that had the lights turned off and upon walking out, reached for the light switch?

Have you ever gone into the bathroom to wash your hands at home and just stood there waiting for the water to turn on automatically?

Have you ever responded, “I’m good, thank you!” to someone who greeted you with “Good Morning”?

Each of these scenarios depicts a person who is living out their habits and not living in the moment. This person is not truly present in their day to day activities and they are living on autopilot.

How did we get so distracted in our day to day lives? How can a parent forget their child when leaving a store? I know that example is hard to think about, but we have been seeing it more and more. And this disconnection is steadily deteriorating the quality of relationships and communication within humanity. I noticed this disconnect within myself and decided to do something about it. Today, I want to share 3 tips to get you reconnected to the world around you.

Just Breathe…

Sounds simply enough, right? But there are times when we actually stop breathing while engrossed in a task. Taking intentional, deep breaths, we provide our body with the necessary oxygen to think clearly and creatively. Try it right now…Inhale for 4 counts..hold in for 4, exhale for 4 counts. Do it again…How do you feel? A little less stressed and grounded I would suspect. Couple this exercise with the application of a calming essential oil blend, candles or a beautiful outdoor setting and you have just created a healing ritual that will greatly improve you overall wellness!

Write it down…DAILY!

Daily, intentional actions guarantee a change in your life – this has been proven time and time again. Now, it doesn’t guarantee positive changes…Positive changes are the results of positive actions or seeds as I like to call them. We have all heard of the quote “You will reap what you sow” and we understand that it is true. A farmer will never harvest apples in the fall if he/she never planted apple seeds in the spring! It is LAW. So, the same concept holds true for mental and spiritual seeds. You want to turn off autopilot, so you need to intentionally sow seeds of presence! Set a goal and accomplish it in the time established! Create a gratitude journal and commit to writing down 3 things every day that you are grateful for. Write out the vision for your life and speak it out loud at least 3 times a day – upon waking, during your lunch hour and before bedtime. The intentional act of daily writing triggers the brain to do something new…to believe something new. Affirm your truth and unplug the autopilot!

Spread the Love

“Love is patient and kind” – spread the LOVE!

“Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude” – spread the LOVE, even when it is hard!

“Love is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged” – release them, and spread the LOVE!

“Love does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out” – celebrate truth and spread the LOVE!

“Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful and endures through every circumstance” – don’t skip a day, just SPREAD THE LOVE DAILY!

The Scriptures make it very plain what love is…and when we exercise our faith to walk this out, the level of freedom, connection and passion is your life will expand tremendously! Explore each of these statements and intentionally set your mind to walk it out for 7 consecutive days.

At this point is should be clear that living our habits is a choice that has become unconscious. No parents want to forget their child in a store, but when we allow our minds to run ahead of us and forfeit the gift of presence, we project an image into our environment that is not true. If you are ready to disconnect the autopilot button and replace it with INTENTION, I challenge you to start working on these steps, DAILY…not every other day…not once a month…not for some set religious expression of devotion at a certain time of the year, but DAILY…right now!

Just breathe, write down your gifts and spread the LOVE!!!

Just Ask

This week, I asked for something very specific. I asked God to allow me to encourage, love and help someone everyday…to be a connection point between them and Him. Each day, I asked to be positioned to be a blessing and it happened! I was given opportunities to speak words of encouragement, plant seeds of hope and shed light where darkness once covered. It filled my tank and allowed me to rest each night knowing that I made a difference in someone’s life.

Being granted the chance to be in this position showed me that if I desire something, all I need to do are three simple things: ask, believe and go.


Growing up, I was not big on asking for what I wanted/needed. I saw asking as a burden and a bother. I preferred to assume others knew what I wanted and would just give it to me. I didn’t want it known that I needed anything. How absurd is that! But, how many of us are still doing that very thing? How many times have you desperately needed help and you chose to suffer in the shadows because stepping into the light was too risky. The biggest lesson I ever learned in my adult years is this: Embrace vulnerability! It is not a sign of weakness. It is not naivety. It is not emotionally irresponsible. Embracing vulnerability is a sign of strength, maturity and wisdom. It is the key to asking because it requires trust. When I pray to God and ask for the opportunity to be a blessing in someone’s life, I am trusting that God knows my capacity to share and give love to another and that my heart will be safe in this situation. In order to ask for what you desire, you must trust the one you are asking.


Once you ask for a thing, do you immediately think, “Well, let’s see if this will work.”? If you do, you should probably stop expecting to get what you asked for. Asking is an act of faith. Faith and doubt cannot occupy the same space – one will cancel out the other. This week, when I asked to be a blessing, I did not doubt the possibility. I did not question my worthiness of receiving this blessing. I believed immediately and thanked God for it in advance! What do you need to believe for in your life? What have you asked and are now doubting? Explore that area and renew your commitment to your ‘ask’.


For me, this is the step that tells the most about your level of belief. You can go and do the good you desire to do when you believe it is possible. Stepping out and remaining open to receiving your ‘ask’ brings me so much joy! The confidence that rises from going forward in faith will impact every other area of your life. Asking and believing without action is ineffective and a sign of doubt. For years, I would ask, believe it was possible and do nothing! I just waited for something to happen and most of the time, nothing did. Now, I fully understand that my ability to receive what I have asked for is connected to my willingness to step out there and do something!

Are you willing to be vulnerable enough to ask for what you desire, believe you will receive it and then go step out in faith towards that thing?

Just ask…

In An Instant

Chance encounters are never by chance! Last night, while listening to an online class on essential oils (you can email me for more on that!), I connected the dots of my health and healing journey in a very random way. I tell you…Being available and teachable will bless your life!

The presenter for this class shared her personal healing journey and as I sat and listened, I knew I had to connect with her directly! She is on the other side of my current challenges and I want freedom from them! I stayed up very late to listen to the entire class with the intention of messenging her afterwards to ask for assistance. As I gathered from the class, she was willing and available to talk. I absolutely love people who are passionate about people!

We finally connected on the phone in the midst of her mommy duties and my work schedule. I shared how I enjoyed her class and felt like we had a similar health and healing journey. She began to share more with me about her challenges and struggles and how she used natural remedies but our shared challenge was a direct result of diet choices. As I jotted down notes and suggestions, I began to smile. Not because I was happy about the restrictive and challenging lifestyle I was about to enter, but because for the first time in 10 years, I did not feel like a standalone wierdo! Someone else experienced my unique pains, fears and frustrations and OVERCAME THEM! It was totally possible to be free and clear of this dis-ease within my body.

Do you know how frustrating and defeating it is to life with a health challenge that is bothersome enough to impact your daily life YET not ‘serious’ enough to warrant alarm from those around you? You are tempted to devalue your discomfort and push aside your pain. Today, I was able to reach out (virtually) and lock arms with a fellow overcomer! And yes, I said ‘fellow’ because I have overcome this challenge already! By unwavering faith, I declare it done.

It is impossible to overcome alone. Two are better than one as the Bible states and a cord of three is not easily broken. My Father and my friends will keep me accountable and focused on keepongy promise to live a sacred, whole and healed life. It is my birthright and I will accept nothing less EVER again. It is my time! And, I believe there is someone reading this post who knows that it is their time as well.

So what is it for you?

Committing to your health?

Healing your relationships?

Finally starting that business you dreamed about?

Releasing debt and building your wealth legacy?

Spiritual connection with your Creator?

What is it TIME for you to commit fully to accomplishing or overcoming?

In an instant, when you have made up your mind to take the first step, your answer will be presented to you.

Let’s DO it and FINISH it in 2018!

Desperation VS Inspiration

Deciding to walk the journey of entrepreneurship came very late for me…at least in my mind. It wasn’t until I turned 40 that this path became a possibility. Today, I am 41 (no shame here!) and I’m approaching my FIRST consistent year of business ownership! Now, for most people, they would be pretty excited about this accomplishment.

I have to remember to be excited about it…Let me explain why.

My past experiences included consistent moments of feeling inadequate, feeling the compulsion to prove my validity and value. What I have recently learned is that although I have overcome my limiting belief about starting a business, that ‘weed seed’ of doubt about my validity is still popping up. On my drive home from my 9-5 job, I had a major Divine download! It came in the form of a question, “Are you motivated to serve and build your business from a space of DESPERATION or INSPIRATION?”

I did not have an immediate answer…

Looking at myself briefly in the rear-view mirror, I knew the authentic answer…”I have been operating in desperation!” I then began to wonder why…what triggered this lack mindset to resurface? Here are 3 reasons I discovered:

Reason #1: My Vision

Recently, I have been observing many signs and communications around ‘lack’. Email, phone calls, regular mail. All painting a picture before me of lack and I began to internalize and mentally receive these images as my reality rather than seeing it outside of me.

Reason #2: My Energy Level

My emotions have been like a roller-coaster recently! Up one day and ready to take on the world! The next day, literally not wanting to leave the house! With low energy, you are pouring from an empty, depleted vessel. No good EVER comes from that!

Reason #3: My Time

“I am moving too slow!”

“I feel so far behind!”

“Why haven’t I created/built/made ______ yet?”

Whenever I begin to feel like I am on a hamster wheel going nowhere, I am operating from a space of desperation!

Discovering these triggers felt both encouraging and upsetting and being the recovering perfectionist, I totally get my duplicity. The fact that I was connected enough with God to receive this message and immediately receive it as an opportunity to growth and elevate was encouraging! (Yay me!)


Debbie Downer (my ego) walked through the proverbial door with her megaphone and cloud of gloom and doom, “But you should know this, Dawn! Why are you still dealing with this? (Boo, Debbie!)

Needless to say, I asked Debbie for her megaphone and told her to take a seat and hold her finger over her mouth! Then…I began to activate my toolkit! Here are the 3 tools I pulled out my Toolkit to guide me GENTLY back on track:

Tool #1: Affirmations that PENETRATE

Affirmations are great…but only if that crack open the hard shell of doubt and fear attempting to cover your heart and mind. For me, speaking words like, “I am good enough” would not cut it in this space of desperation. It would not be specific enough to grab that limiting belief by the collar and escort it out of my consciousness. Instead, I speak, “All the good that belongs to me by Divine Right can NEVER be taken from me! There is no lack in God’s Presence and God and I are one! Therefore, all obstacles move from my path immediately and permanently with grace!” Do you see the difference?

Tool #2: Accountability that ILLUMINATES

So, I phoned a friend! This may be a challenge for some people and I recognize that. Vulnerability can be a scary thing especially if you do not feel safe with the person you are bearing your wounds to. This is where I would STRONGLY suggest you evaluate your circle of friends and companions and begin to determine who are your Elevation Buddies and who needs to gracefully leave your life. Going into isolation when you are feeling low is a guaranteed recipe for condemnation and depression. You MUST allow someone you trust and respect to hold up a mirror before you and illuminate your truths! Don’t have Elevation Buddies? Now is the time to pray for them to appear on your path! (You could also join me in my private FB group called, Space to BE! I have a small group of ladies who are truly seeking more peace in their daily lives!)

Tool #3: Space that ELIMINATES

After a few accountability calls with my Elevation Buddies, I came home to my sacred space and sat down. My intention for this time of reflection and direction was to receive reminders of who I am and who I am desiring to be. This unique, private space in my home serves as my connection point between myself and God. When I step on my plush white carpet, I know that I will receive downloads that will impact my life in a major way. And I am NEVER disappointed! In my space, I have a full length mirror. This mirror shows me all there is within me that I would normally try to hide. (Have you ever looked deeply into your own eyes and had a conversation? Try it and tell me your experience below.) As I looked at myself and thought about my future self, I began to hear clearly what has caused me to operate from a space of desperation rather than inspiration. With this information in hand, I could begin to shift my thoughts, change my actions and adjust my path forward.

Desperation – seeing, believing and internalizing the appearance of lack and scarcity in your life. You begin to think and act as though time is running out and you are not doing and receiving enough.

Inspiration – being so full of love, joy and peace that you overflow into the lives of other and touch a part of their souls that needed healing. You give from a full vessel because you desire to heal the world with little concern of what you will receive because you know and believe that YOUR portion of abundance and prosperity is already secured – whether you see it or not!

I’ve decided that I will not post, write, share or serve when I am in a space of desperation. My offering will not be authentic or healing. Those are the moments when I stop everything and head to my sacred space for restoration, direction and filling. Only then will I feel ready to touch the lives of others.

So, become aware of the source of your motivation as you navigate through this life. Many of us float between these 2 extremes and the shift from inspiration to motivation can be ever so slight. Honor the gift within you and do the work to discover your motivations.

Someone out there is waiting on you!

Peace and Love,


Courage in Choas

I would like to give you an assignment today. It may take you a day to accomplish…it may take you all year. The timeframe of completion is not important. Instead, the decision to accept this assignment and purpose to complete it IS. What is the assignment? Answer this question,

What are practical ways that I can display courage in the midst of chaos?

We are all told to ‘take courage’ when things appear to be spiraling out of control in our life. Have you ever thought to yourself, “how exactly do I take courage when I am afraid of what I am seeing around me?” A quote by Nelson Mandela is the first step in answering the question – accepting the truth that courage does not mean that you are not afraid.

Accepting the Presence of your Fears

Courage is defined as “the ability to do something that frightens one”. Yes you may experience fear, concern or worry. BUT, you will not stay in that space of fear, concern or worry. You feel it and then walk towards it. What does that look like? For me, that looks like cancelling the inner dialogue that bombards my mind as I manage a project that I am inexperienced in. The situation did not change externally, but I made the decision to change internally.

Confront the Chaos

Sometimes, we fall into the trap of avoiding the chaos in our life and world. We believe that if we do not engage with it, we will not be impacted by it. “Yeah, I see that mess over there, but if I begin to deal with it, it will hurt or be uncomfortable! I don’t want that!” And your plan may seem to work for a time…until your energy is sapped by your avoidance mechanisms! It is tiresome to continually strategize how to avoid a person, location or conversation. Picture yourself as the little girl in the image above. Your destination is straight ahead, but so is your personal ‘chaos’. You can decide to trek through the grass and unpaved pathways. Even though this path is unclear visually, it is safely away from the chaos you are seeking to avoid so you reason that it is worth a try. But, we all know that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. The same holds true with our confrontation of the chaos in our world. See it. Accept that it is there. Remember that the discomfort is temporary and then move towards it.

So, now it is your time to think about your strategy for having courage in the midst of chaos. Our world is moving in a direction where navigating through chaotic situations will become a necessity! Prepare your heart and mind by considering the answer to this assignment. Share your thoughts with me! You can connect with me here WordPress or on Facebook at Atmospheres of Wellness.

Are You Using Your Tools?


No matter what situation you find yourself experiencing in life, there is a tool required to successfully overcome it. And the unfortunate thing is that many people get in the thick of the situation and realize that they have no idea how to use the tools available to them.

A tool is defined as “a device or implement, especially one held in the hand, used to carry out a particular function”. Doctors have tools. Lawyers have tools. Architects have tools. Builders have tools. Writers have tools. Artists have tools. Everyone who creates in this world has TOOLS. And that includes YOU!

What would happen if a doctor had the instruments available to sew up your wound, yet had no idea how to use it? That is what many of us look like in the spiritual realm. God has provided us with every possible resource to live a prosperous and abundant life. We pray and ask for His help and when it provides it, we do nothing with it. Why is that? Well, here are a few that I have come to understand:

We don’t know what a tool is

We don’t know we have them

We don’t believe in them

Let’s unpack each one of these…


When we look at a hammer, we know that it is used to hit something else with. When we look at a ruler, we know that it is used to measure distance with. But, let’s consider for a moment that you didn’t know these basic things. What if you used the hammer to cook with, or used the ruler as an instrument? Is it possible to use these tools for these purposes? Yes. Is this the correct, intended use? No. Will the benefits be the same? No. The same is true for the spiritual tools provided for us by God. The tools of our spoken word, our faith, and the power in our beliefs.

Our spoken word has the ability to create. We are made in God’s image and He created EVERYTHING with the spoken word. And if we are unaware that our words create our reality, we will mindlessly speak words that we do not really want to manifest – “I can’t handle this!” or “I wish everyone would leave me alone!”. Consciously, we know this is not what we want, but the subconscious mind has NO sense of humor and will take this repetitive statement as fact. The misuse of this valuable tool will yield results that touch every area of your life.


Have you ever met someone who was a billionaire and didn’t know it? They are living a regular life, doing regular things with regular people. They expect regular things to happen in their lives and don’t really expect much from themselves and others. Then, one day, the message is delivered that they are actually wealthy and all their funds have been in an account awaiting their authorization to release it! Can you image that? Everything you could POSSIBILITY need has always been available to you yet, you did not know you had access. Well, that is the majority of the people walking on the Earth. One thing you MUST understand – there is NO LACK with God. If you are living a life in alignment with His will, you have NO lack. I understand that the natural world around you may say something different, but that is not the truth. The truth is this world is abundant and we need only ask and believe to receive what we desire. But, when we have not done the work to discover these truths, we walk through this life as a unaware billionaire.


I believe that this position is the worst of them all. Ignorance can be shifted with revelation and reception of truth. There is very little to be done with rejection of truth when it is rooted in hurt and lack of understanding. You may hear many people proclaim, “It’s not that deep! You don’t need to do all of that.” Many people do not believe that the actions they take and the words they speak have lasting impact on the world around them – including family and friends. They accept a belief that their actions only impact themselves and no one should care what they do. They see no connection between themselves and their neighbor and they end up missing out on the beauty of connection. When a door is closed, you should not force it open – especially when it has been closed on purpose. Forcing open a closed-door damages not only the door, but the thing used to force it open! Leave the information at the door and believe that one day, they will open it and let the information in.

So as you are walking out your journey in life, figure out what tools you need in order to live the life you desire. It does not just ‘happen’…there is WORK to be done once you have activated your FAITH to BELIEVE it is POSSIBLE!

Do You Want to Get Well Part 3 – Take Action

Today, we continue this journey through a very motivational scripture in the Bible. We will discuss the next step – Take positive action!

“Jesus told him, ‘Stand up, pick up your mat, and walk!’ Instantly, the man was healed! He rolled up his sleeping mat and began walking!” John 5:8-9a


This week, we are talking about taking positive action. After hearing the excuses and knowing that this man has a life that does not match his reality just waiting for him to receive, Jesus SPOKE direct, sharp words of instruction:

Stand up

Pick up


Let’s break down these 3 steps and apply them to your our life.

Stand up

There comes a time in your wellness journey when you realize that ‘enough is enough!’ I have been in this position long enough and I want MORE! Have you ever taken a ride down the “Lazy River” in an amusement park? You just allow the flow of the river to take you where IT wants to take you. Now, imagine that your child has gotten too far away from you and you want to get closer to them quickly. What do you do? YOU STAND UP! You want to go from where you are to where you want to be immediately, right?

Friend, I have to share this very plainly…

You have been sitting down accepting the ebb and flow of the lazy river of life. When you are ready to go a different direction, you make a conscious decision and plant your feet and your faith for this shift. This man, who was an invalid for 38 years and living in the place where healing is stirred, DECIDED that today was the day his healing would come. I know he decided because he stepped out of his comfort zone and stood up after lying by the pool most of his life. He took positive action!

Pick up

What has been your crutch for most of your life? What is that thing that you have leaned on to support your lack of action? For this man, it was his bed perfectly positioned by the Pool of Bethesda. He was close enough to the pool, yet just far enough to make excuses for his lack of effort. Personally, I have used my lack of knowledge in a particular subject to be my crutch – “I can’t do business because I don’t know marketing! Everyone else knows so much more than me!” The truth is – I can do business and be successful because I have DECIDED to learn more about marketing and perfect my craft. I have decided to take that comfortable fear and keep moving forward with it. This invalid picked up his sleeping mat (his crutch) and moved forward from his old place of comfort towards his new belief system.


When you close your eyes and imagine your ideal life, what do you see? How far off is that vision from your physical reality? That gap, however large or small, is your walk! In order to walk, you need belief, direction and confidence. All of these components are within you right now. There is NO THING you need to wait for and NO ONE to wait on! Just walk…

Thirty-eight years is a very long time to allow excuses and fear to shape your life…

One day is too long to allow excuses and fear to shape your life…

Today, choose to stand up, pick up your ‘mat’ and walk!