The Wellness Toolkit


The Self-love Wellness Toolkit provides you with the specific tools you will need to live well!

When I was first gifted with the idea to create a toolkit to help you contain tools for your wellness, I asked myself the question, “Who needs this product and why?”

If you desire to have a daily, spiritual ritual that will increase your level of belief, this toolkit is for you.

If you are having challenges with believing that you are worthy of love, this toolkit is for you.

If you know your worth, yet have been desiring a means to elevate your confidence in that area, this toolkit is for you!

The Self-love Wellness Toolkit is a connection point between you and the vision you have for your emotional wellness. But just like all toolkits, it will only work, if you do!

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Just as a builder requires a toolkit to build a home, and a mechanic requires a toolkit to build a car, I believe we all require toolkits to build the life we desire to live! This toolkit is an attractive reminder to reconnect with yourself daily and live WELL! We are strong, spiritual beings yet, our humanity is fragile and requires care and daily love. This toolkit can help you do just that. These custom, hand-made, one-of-a-kind pieces are a MUST for the busy mom and/or professional who needs a daily reminder to love herself and maintain peace no matter the external circumstances.

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