Shift Your Focus…Use your Tools!

Life can be stressful…especially these days! We are so inundated with news reports, articles, tweets and IG posts that encourage us to focus on what’s happening right now in our world and in our daily life. To deal with the reality of the situation.

But what if reality is killing you? I’m not being dramatic here…

Listening to words of fear and hate kill the love that was designed into your DNA by God.

Watching images of death, pain and lack kill the joy and peace within you.

I know that I am an empathetic being that can quickly feel the emotions of others – both good and bad. So, I understand what is needed for me to maintain a life of peace, joy and love.

Shifting my focus has been an essential tool in doing so. It is a tool I use to disconnect from ‘reality’ when it is killing the goodness from my moments. I have the power to choose this mental and physical shift – and so do you!

Shifting from images of what I don’t want to visions of what I do want.

Shifting from feelings of sadness, abandonment and pain to memories of love, joy and peace.

I am trained in the area of architecture and design. I went to college for it and I’ve worked in the industry for over 18 years. During that time, I picked up some tools along the way to help me be productive and successful in this specific area. Without them, I could not function!

The same principle relates to your WELLNESS! You cannot ‘wing’ your wellness! Intentionally and purposefully GATHER the tools you need to BUILD the life you desire! My Wellness Toolkit was created JUST for this reason!

One thing I realized very early in my wellness journey was that unless I had resources, or TOOLS, to support my daily walk, I would not be successful! The books I read, the audios I listened to, the words I spoke and the essential oils I used were my tools to remain COMMITTED on my journey to wellness. This is the motivation behind my product, The Wellness Toolkit! It is an attractive reminder to hold your wellness as sacred and take daily intentional steps towards it.

This is a perfect first step on your journey to create a daily practice of self-care, prayer and meditation.

I always tell my friends, family and clients – start your day telling YOURSELF who you are before the world has the chance to!

So, what’s in YOUR toolkit? Do you have a daily practice now? Are you interested in starting one?

Wherever you are on the spectrum, today is the reminder you need to continue or get started! If you are interested in my products for your journey to inner peace, click here to find out more!

Surrendering TO Peace

Surrender is not weak.

Surrender is not passive.

Surrender takes strength.

Surrender takes intentional action.

Surrender takes courage.

Surrender requires trust in the unseen momentum of your Highest good.

Surrender your desires to God, but NEVER surrender your peace to man. 

Surrendering your peace should never be an option, but surrendering TO peace is the daily choice.

You will hear this echoed in every message I share with the world – Your Peace is a Choice and NEVER surrender your Peace! But, you should surrender TO peace. What does that mean?

When you are scrolling through your feed and come across sentiments that spew hate towards another, surrender TO peace: choose to allow those words to pass by you rather than internalizing them and starting a debate.

When you are disappointed by the actions of a loved one yet again, surrender TO peace: recognize that everyone is on their own path of self-discovery and awareness and you must give them grace as they travel. Remember…you were once given grace as well!

I feel so strongly about this because the circumstances inundating our lives today will attempt to convince you that a life of peace is impossible and chaos is to be embraced and expected.

I don’t believe that at all…

Every person on this planet is making choices moment by moment…

choices to love.

choices to hate.

choices to ignore others.

choices to embrace others.

choices to be happy.

choices to blame others for your unhappiness.


They are in every thought, every look, every consideration…

And no one has the power to believe and take action on these choices except YOU.

So, choose PEACE!

Reflections and Lessons from Asia

Image: On my last day in Bangkok leaving the hotel Photo by: ME

Our words are POWERFUL and will create the very things spoken – whether you are intentional or not! I had the experience of a lifetime while visiting Asia this August. The way this trip manifested itself was quite divine and I did not fully realize it until I was in Japan!

Earlier this year, I made the declaration that I would travel outside of the United States (where I currently reside) for a few weeks without having to pay for it! I had NO idea HOW it would happen, but I was not concerned about that. I just knew it would happen…and it did! I was offered the opportunity to travel to Japan and Bangkok for 2 weeks for work and even before I took off, I knew my life would never be the same.

The culture, language, food and sights all elevated my mind to the amazing possibilities that await me if I only believed they were possible. I felt like I was experiencing my own version of Eat, Pray, Love! And in some ways, I did. What I learned about God, myself and humanity as a whole changed me deeply. There was no one situation that impacted me most. The totality of the experience is what shifted me forever.


Have you ever experienced that? Being in a certain place, at a certain time, at a certain season in your life? It’s like a hidden door you never knew existing in your own home…and once opened, changes your entire perspective. Well, that is what happened to me and I landed in the US a different person because of 5 reflections and lessons from Asia. I shared my insights in my private FB group, Space to BE and I want to share some of it with you as well:

Embrace discomfort and learn from it

Honor the humanity in ALL people

Being physically alone in a foreign land is only scary if you believe you are alone

Ask for what you want, believe you will receive it AND remember you asked for it!

Trust God’s Divine flow in the Unexpected events of life

(I decided to create a blog series from these reflections and lessons because each one carries it own jewels and deserves its own stage. Look forward to 4 more blog posts within the coming weeks! 😊)

Embrace discomfort and learn from it

Authentic Pad Thai which I ate entirely too often! Photo by: ME

Being in a foreign land of an unknown language can be pretty uncomfortable. It was a bit challenging navigating conversations and dinners when I was unaware of how to communicate my needs. Let’s add the time difference between myself and everyone I knew. And while we are at it, I am a natural haired woman traveling to a hot, humid climate! Can we say uncomfortable?!

But despite all of those apparent barriers to my peace and ease, I made a conscious decision to SHIFT.

I shifted my THOUGHTS

I shifted my BELIEFS

I shifted my ACTIONS

And I shifted them all with intention.

I refused to be caught up in a wave of fear, loneliness and separation.

I decided to find the good in every situation and extract a lesson that elevated my life. For example, the language barrier led me to utilize technology and slow down long enough to seek guidance on what to say and do. Google Translate is a life-safer – Literally! I have a severe tomato allergy so learning, ‘tomato nashi’ was KEY!!  So this apparent barrier created a new found appreciation for the languages of another culture and all the beauty found it in!

Next week, I will share my reflections and lessons on Honoring the humanity in all people – no matter how difficult they may be!

Until next time, peace and blessings to you!

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The LOOK or The LIFEstyle: Your Thoughts will Decide

Do You have “The Look”?

Do you remember the song, “You got the Look” by Prince? It’s all centered around the interaction of a man and woman focused on outer appearance (check it out on YouTube when you get a chance.) This video was an over the top expression of this surface interaction and the expectations associated with it, but, many of us today are living this way and we may not even be aware of it!

The ‘Look” can be described in many ways, but I want to offer the following descriptions:

  • Surface evidence (not sustainable)
  • Acceptable and understood by the majority
  • Weak; will crumble under pressure
  • False peace

The “Lifestyle” can be described as:

  • Built by DAILY, intentional actions
  • Misunderstood by the majority – “too much work”
  • Strong; will flourish under pressure
  • True peace

How to Get Over the Look and Live the Lifestyle

So, there are definite steps to take in order to get over the LOOK and live the LIFE. These steps may feel uncomfortable at first, but once you learn the value of self-reflection, this process will become a blessing! Let’s get started! The first 4 steps are questions for you to explore:

  1. “What do I believe?” – Ask yourself this question in front of a blank journal page. Begin writing down your belief statements. Many times, you will notice how negative and limiting your beliefs really are. But since you are unaware of them, you continue to operate under its influence.
  2. “Who taught me this belief? – This is NOT a blame exercise. You are acknowledging the origin of a specific belief. If mom taught you that ‘Money is hard to earn!’, write that down.
  3. “What do I believe about these beliefs?” – This question may seem obvious, but it’s really not! Do you know how frequently we live out beliefs we don’t truly believe in – it’s just HABIT! Here’s an example: “Go to college to get your degree and secure a steady job” may not be your belief, but you do it because everyone else does! You don’t believe in it, but you do it anyway…
  4. “Does this belief create anxiety in my life or does it foster peace?” – Being the best dressed woman in the room so that you can feel valuable, worthy and relevant is not a peaceful thought. That is fear-based thought! Peace exudes love, patience and ease. So, if you enjoy fashion, do it for the sheer enjoyment you receive from the feel of the fabric on your skin and the confidence your stilettos provide you while walking down the street. These types of thoughts seek to elevate you while never belittling another – see the difference?

So now, let’s SHIFT!

Step number 5 is SHIFT! The questions asked above will begin to reveal the true motivation behind you daily actions. These old beliefs need to be shifted AND elevated in order to live the LIFE of peace you desire each day.

You need to see your beliefs through the lens of possibility! For example:

  • “Money is hard to earn!” is a limited belief.
  • “Money is abundant and I have access to all I need to be of service to this world!” is a shifted/elevated belief .

Now, you try it! Walk through the steps provided above and leave me a comment on your shift!

Until next time,

Peace and Blessings!


A March to Remember…

I just experienced a March to remember…

Not only was March 2018 THE most challenging seasons I have experienced in some time, it was also the most life giving. Let me explain…

My 9-5 can be very demanding and sometimes chaotic. The building industry can be both extremely rewarding and extremely frustrating with shifting deadlines, massive indecision and creative minds collaborating complex challenges. This month, it seems that all the floodgates opened at the same time and a select few were tasked to manage the flow in a short period of time. And yes…I was one of the few (yay me!).

If you have been following me for any amount of time, you may have noticed that I cherish my peace, ease and flow in my life. Atmospheres that encourage or promote confusion, chaos and aggression are     not the norm for me. I do my best to remove myself from those situations at all costs…but, there are times when that process is out of my control for a season.

Like…when it’s your job!

So, what do you do?

I will be very transparent with you…I failed in the beginning. I allowed my emotions to wrap me up in a web of pity, blame and anger.

Feeling pressured on all sides.

Feeling like time was running out.

Feeling unsupported and unheard.

This is a RECIPE for a breakdown! And I was VERY close to the edge…

But then, I remembered my tools. I remembered that I had the power to chose peace in this very moment of anger, fear and desperation.

Yeah, I got pissed off and snapped at a few people (which is VERY rare for me!)

Guess what I did next?

I stopped, took 5 deep breaths, apologized to them (whether they were in front of me or not) and then forgave myself for surrendering my peace. I then focused on a few things in my current environment that made me smile (that’s why I encourage filling your environment with images and items that energize you). And finally, I changed the way I thought about the situation intentionally. My intention is always to freedom. I refuse to be bound by anything or anyone in life – including impending deadlines!

I had to repeat this process EVERY DAY for over 2 weeks…TWO WEEKS!!!

Now, for some of you, that’s totally ridiculous and you have already rolled your eyes at the thought. Trust me, I get it! After the second day of the repeated pressure, ignorance and lack of empathy, I was ready to quit my job – LITERALLY. But I quickly realized that my emotions were in control and not Spirit and I needed to shift. The only way I was able to recognize what was happening around me was because I trained myself through my daily, intentional actions of meditation, prayer and self check-ins. Let me say something very important…

Overcoming the challenges of everyday life cannot been accomplished ‘winging it’. Figuring out what to do WHILE you are experiencing the challenge is too late. Having a set of proven tools and strategies to guide you back onto the path of peace is essential and I am so happy and grateful I had mine established!

So, here are 3 things I learned during my March to Remember that I will leave you with:

Revelation 1: Authenticity is a part of the peace and prosperity journey

I did not want to ask for help during this season. I did not want to appear weak in the eyes of my co-workers, clients or friends. In the loving words of my powerful Life coach, “That is just foolery!” Listen, we need each other to create impact on this earth. So, that means you may need to ask for help, support or assistance…and that’s ok! I received miraculous blessings within 24 hours of asking for help! Be authentic with where you are on your journey in life and just BE!

Revelation 2: Never surrender your peace to the challenges of life

The times I felt overwhelmed by external circumstances consistently led me to react with my emotions. It doesn’t matter what you are seeing through your physical eyes…your PEACE should never be surrendered. There will always been opportunities for you to surrender your inner peace in order to REACT to the world around you. Do not surrender! You always have a choice…always!

Revelation 3: When in an atmosphere of chaos and confusion, choose to remain at peace moment by moment, day by day until peace reigns.

Before March, I use to believe I needed to take challenges “day by day”. Well, this month taught me that ‘moment by moment’ is the only way to remain at peace. With each step of my day, I chose to ‘breathe deep and just BE’. With each frustrating conversation, I decided not to respond in anger and just breathed. These decisions happened constantly within a 10-minute window and I realized something major – if I wanted to win the day, I need to regain control of my MOMENTS!

Have you ever experienced a ‘March to Remember” in your life? I would LOVE to hear how you regained control of your moments and secured your peace.

Until next time,

Peace and Love to you all!

You Have Access

Picture this…One day, you are given a key.

This key is one-of-a-kind and irrevocable. This key gives you access to a storage house with your name on it. You are capable of gaining access to this space at ANY time. The contents of this storage house is EVERY THING you will EVER need on this Earth.

You are gifted with this key because of your connection to the One with limitless resource.

The following month, you receive notice that you are immediately required to address an issue that seemingly appeared out of nowhere. You begin to think, ” I am unable to address this issue. I do not have the resources to handle this! How am I going to address this? Why is this happening to me! God, why are you allowing this to happen?!” Meanwhile, the key that gives you access to EVERY THING you will EVER need on this Earth is sitting there available for your use. All you need to do is take hold of it and use it!

Isn’t that crazy?

You have forgotten your key! All I need to do is go to my storage house, use my key and access from my resources to resolve my issue! Unfortunately, most of us never get to this point.

Do you know what the ‘key’ is?

What we BELIEVE gives us ACCESS to the provision for our lives. What I BELIEVE will PRODUCE my REALITY. If I believe that I have NO LACK in my life because of Who I am connected to, then I will have no doubt when challenges and situations present themselves. My response will be, “Oh, I have a solution for that issue because I BELIEVE in my Source of limitless supply!” And then, move forward in FAITH that the solution is resolved while I wait on the manifestation of the answer. Remember this statement:

Seeing IS NOT believing! FAITH is believing!

…so, what do you believe? Does that line up with the vision you have for your life? Does your faith compliment your level of belief?

Think about it…


This has been a transforming year for me. I have discovered things about myself that have been grossly neglected for decades. Yesterday, as I wrote in my journal about the past week, the following imagery engulfed my imagination and I let it flow…Here is what I saw:

Being a visionary and entrepreneur is a part of who I have always been. “She” was always here, but for 40 years, I have allowed her to be quietly escorted to a basement room in my mind and locked away. No one mentions that room…what may be in that room.


In September 2016, Someone started inquiring about the temple (My Body)…started assessing its condition and its spaces. Then, that room in the basement was uncovered and it was revealed that it was named, “Visionary and Builder”. I never knew it existed but I now wanted to get inside to see what was in there.

Belief was the key that opened the heavy, wooden door. Once opened, there “she”sat…waiting. She was smiling and there was a sparkle in her eyes. “Are you ready to shine now? Because I am!”

I reached for her hand and looked deeply into her eyes. They were electrifying! As she walked me through this room, she showed me rows and rows of books with my name on it. As I opened one book after another, I discovered she had been creating ideas, concepts and products that the world needed. I also saw walls filled with statements of faith and belief in who she says Dawn is:

“I am successful.”

“I am powerful.”

“I am needed.”

“I am irreplaceable.”

“I am a visionary.”

“I am valuable”

“I am a creator of healing spaces.”

I looked at them, then looked at her. I then asked a question, “Who put you in here? Why did they put you here?

She looked at me…almost sad.

“You put me here. You were convinced that I was not needed or wanted for your life. The people in your life made you believe it and you accepted it…until now! I heard movement outside that door for the first time in decades. That is when I knew my time in here was coming to an end. So, I prepared for your arrival so that you would NEVER AGAIN doubt who you truly are. Now, let’s go! This temple must be finished soon. There is much work to be done within it and outside of it. I already know what to do…Follow My Lead.”

The visionary and entrepreneur has been released and my entire life is about to change!

Just Ask

This week, I asked for something very specific. I asked God to allow me to encourage, love and help someone everyday…to be a connection point between them and Him. Each day, I asked to be positioned to be a blessing and it happened! I was given opportunities to speak words of encouragement, plant seeds of hope and shed light where darkness once covered. It filled my tank and allowed me to rest each night knowing that I made a difference in someone’s life.

Being granted the chance to be in this position showed me that if I desire something, all I need to do are three simple things: ask, believe and go.


Growing up, I was not big on asking for what I wanted/needed. I saw asking as a burden and a bother. I preferred to assume others knew what I wanted and would just give it to me. I didn’t want it known that I needed anything. How absurd is that! But, how many of us are still doing that very thing? How many times have you desperately needed help and you chose to suffer in the shadows because stepping into the light was too risky. The biggest lesson I ever learned in my adult years is this: Embrace vulnerability! It is not a sign of weakness. It is not naivety. It is not emotionally irresponsible. Embracing vulnerability is a sign of strength, maturity and wisdom. It is the key to asking because it requires trust. When I pray to God and ask for the opportunity to be a blessing in someone’s life, I am trusting that God knows my capacity to share and give love to another and that my heart will be safe in this situation. In order to ask for what you desire, you must trust the one you are asking.


Once you ask for a thing, do you immediately think, “Well, let’s see if this will work.”? If you do, you should probably stop expecting to get what you asked for. Asking is an act of faith. Faith and doubt cannot occupy the same space – one will cancel out the other. This week, when I asked to be a blessing, I did not doubt the possibility. I did not question my worthiness of receiving this blessing. I believed immediately and thanked God for it in advance! What do you need to believe for in your life? What have you asked and are now doubting? Explore that area and renew your commitment to your ‘ask’.


For me, this is the step that tells the most about your level of belief. You can go and do the good you desire to do when you believe it is possible. Stepping out and remaining open to receiving your ‘ask’ brings me so much joy! The confidence that rises from going forward in faith will impact every other area of your life. Asking and believing without action is ineffective and a sign of doubt. For years, I would ask, believe it was possible and do nothing! I just waited for something to happen and most of the time, nothing did. Now, I fully understand that my ability to receive what I have asked for is connected to my willingness to step out there and do something!

Are you willing to be vulnerable enough to ask for what you desire, believe you will receive it and then go step out in faith towards that thing?

Just ask…

Courage in Choas

I would like to give you an assignment today. It may take you a day to accomplish…it may take you all year. The timeframe of completion is not important. Instead, the decision to accept this assignment and purpose to complete it IS. What is the assignment? Answer this question,

What are practical ways that I can display courage in the midst of chaos?

We are all told to ‘take courage’ when things appear to be spiraling out of control in our life. Have you ever thought to yourself, “how exactly do I take courage when I am afraid of what I am seeing around me?” A quote by Nelson Mandela is the first step in answering the question – accepting the truth that courage does not mean that you are not afraid.

Accepting the Presence of your Fears

Courage is defined as “the ability to do something that frightens one”. Yes you may experience fear, concern or worry. BUT, you will not stay in that space of fear, concern or worry. You feel it and then walk towards it. What does that look like? For me, that looks like cancelling the inner dialogue that bombards my mind as I manage a project that I am inexperienced in. The situation did not change externally, but I made the decision to change internally.

Confront the Chaos

Sometimes, we fall into the trap of avoiding the chaos in our life and world. We believe that if we do not engage with it, we will not be impacted by it. “Yeah, I see that mess over there, but if I begin to deal with it, it will hurt or be uncomfortable! I don’t want that!” And your plan may seem to work for a time…until your energy is sapped by your avoidance mechanisms! It is tiresome to continually strategize how to avoid a person, location or conversation. Picture yourself as the little girl in the image above. Your destination is straight ahead, but so is your personal ‘chaos’. You can decide to trek through the grass and unpaved pathways. Even though this path is unclear visually, it is safely away from the chaos you are seeking to avoid so you reason that it is worth a try. But, we all know that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. The same holds true with our confrontation of the chaos in our world. See it. Accept that it is there. Remember that the discomfort is temporary and then move towards it.

So, now it is your time to think about your strategy for having courage in the midst of chaos. Our world is moving in a direction where navigating through chaotic situations will become a necessity! Prepare your heart and mind by considering the answer to this assignment. Share your thoughts with me! You can connect with me here WordPress or on Facebook at Atmospheres of Wellness.