Shift Your Focus…Use your Tools!

Life can be stressful…especially these days! We are so inundated with news reports, articles, tweets and IG posts that encourage us to focus on what’s happening right now in our world and in our daily life. To deal with the reality of the situation.

But what if reality is killing you? I’m not being dramatic here…

Listening to words of fear and hate kill the love that was designed into your DNA by God.

Watching images of death, pain and lack kill the joy and peace within you.

I know that I am an empathetic being that can quickly feel the emotions of others – both good and bad. So, I understand what is needed for me to maintain a life of peace, joy and love.

Shifting my focus has been an essential tool in doing so. It is a tool I use to disconnect from ‘reality’ when it is killing the goodness from my moments. I have the power to choose this mental and physical shift – and so do you!

Shifting from images of what I don’t want to visions of what I do want.

Shifting from feelings of sadness, abandonment and pain to memories of love, joy and peace.

I am trained in the area of architecture and design. I went to college for it and I’ve worked in the industry for over 18 years. During that time, I picked up some tools along the way to help me be productive and successful in this specific area. Without them, I could not function!

The same principle relates to your WELLNESS! You cannot ‘wing’ your wellness! Intentionally and purposefully GATHER the tools you need to BUILD the life you desire! My Wellness Toolkit was created JUST for this reason!

One thing I realized very early in my wellness journey was that unless I had resources, or TOOLS, to support my daily walk, I would not be successful! The books I read, the audios I listened to, the words I spoke and the essential oils I used were my tools to remain COMMITTED on my journey to wellness. This is the motivation behind my product, The Wellness Toolkit! It is an attractive reminder to hold your wellness as sacred and take daily intentional steps towards it.

This is a perfect first step on your journey to create a daily practice of self-care, prayer and meditation.

I always tell my friends, family and clients – start your day telling YOURSELF who you are before the world has the chance to!

So, what’s in YOUR toolkit? Do you have a daily practice now? Are you interested in starting one?

Wherever you are on the spectrum, today is the reminder you need to continue or get started! If you are interested in my products for your journey to inner peace, click here to find out more!


On Monday, I listened to a recording of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr “Letter from Birmingham”. That message was packed with wisdom, insight and challenges. I actually listened to it twice! I felt a need to sit and absorb the wisdom and passion from his melodious voice.

I admit that I have never heard this letter before. We have been so comfortable with the “I Have A Dream” MLK that we have completely ignored the MLK that wrote this letter. The circumstances that brought him to that jail cell is nothing outside of his consistent mission to stop injustice. The response given to his fellow clergy was both a surprise and a relief to me personally. He showed me that despite his unwavering commitment to his cause, he was very much aware of the decaying condition in the hearts of believers. He saw the divide within the faith community and it disappointed him…I can understand his position.

One word jumped out at me during this recording…TENSION. Dr. King explained that TENSION was necessary for change. I can only imagine how this shocked those who saw him as a soft, passive activist. He explained that non- violent TENSION was necessary to provoke change in a community. The marches, protests and sit-ins were designed to shift the atmosphere and start a conversation. And the use of the word tension just impacted me in a real way.

We often associate tension with negative action. It is aggressive and imposing. Dr. King taught me, decades after this letter was penned, that tension is something I should not run from or try to stop. I should allow it to pave a path to resolution and reconciliation. It has renewed my mind and opened a new realm of possibility in my relationships.

So, where is there tension in your life that you need to lean into? How can it pave a path to healing in your relationship? I challenge you to investigate that area and discover the gift in that challenge! Only you and God will know what is waiting on the other side.

In An Instant

Chance encounters are never by chance! Last night, while listening to an online class on essential oils (you can email me for more on that!), I connected the dots of my health and healing journey in a very random way. I tell you…Being available and teachable will bless your life!

The presenter for this class shared her personal healing journey and as I sat and listened, I knew I had to connect with her directly! She is on the other side of my current challenges and I want freedom from them! I stayed up very late to listen to the entire class with the intention of messenging her afterwards to ask for assistance. As I gathered from the class, she was willing and available to talk. I absolutely love people who are passionate about people!

We finally connected on the phone in the midst of her mommy duties and my work schedule. I shared how I enjoyed her class and felt like we had a similar health and healing journey. She began to share more with me about her challenges and struggles and how she used natural remedies but our shared challenge was a direct result of diet choices. As I jotted down notes and suggestions, I began to smile. Not because I was happy about the restrictive and challenging lifestyle I was about to enter, but because for the first time in 10 years, I did not feel like a standalone wierdo! Someone else experienced my unique pains, fears and frustrations and OVERCAME THEM! It was totally possible to be free and clear of this dis-ease within my body.

Do you know how frustrating and defeating it is to life with a health challenge that is bothersome enough to impact your daily life YET not ‘serious’ enough to warrant alarm from those around you? You are tempted to devalue your discomfort and push aside your pain. Today, I was able to reach out (virtually) and lock arms with a fellow overcomer! And yes, I said ‘fellow’ because I have overcome this challenge already! By unwavering faith, I declare it done.

It is impossible to overcome alone. Two are better than one as the Bible states and a cord of three is not easily broken. My Father and my friends will keep me accountable and focused on keepongy promise to live a sacred, whole and healed life. It is my birthright and I will accept nothing less EVER again. It is my time! And, I believe there is someone reading this post who knows that it is their time as well.

So what is it for you?

Committing to your health?

Healing your relationships?

Finally starting that business you dreamed about?

Releasing debt and building your wealth legacy?

Spiritual connection with your Creator?

What is it TIME for you to commit fully to accomplishing or overcoming?

In an instant, when you have made up your mind to take the first step, your answer will be presented to you.

Let’s DO it and FINISH it in 2018!

Do You Want to Get Well Part 3 – Take Action

Today, we continue this journey through a very motivational scripture in the Bible. We will discuss the next step – Take positive action!

“Jesus told him, ‘Stand up, pick up your mat, and walk!’ Instantly, the man was healed! He rolled up his sleeping mat and began walking!” John 5:8-9a


This week, we are talking about taking positive action. After hearing the excuses and knowing that this man has a life that does not match his reality just waiting for him to receive, Jesus SPOKE direct, sharp words of instruction:

Stand up

Pick up


Let’s break down these 3 steps and apply them to your our life.

Stand up

There comes a time in your wellness journey when you realize that ‘enough is enough!’ I have been in this position long enough and I want MORE! Have you ever taken a ride down the “Lazy River” in an amusement park? You just allow the flow of the river to take you where IT wants to take you. Now, imagine that your child has gotten too far away from you and you want to get closer to them quickly. What do you do? YOU STAND UP! You want to go from where you are to where you want to be immediately, right?

Friend, I have to share this very plainly…

You have been sitting down accepting the ebb and flow of the lazy river of life. When you are ready to go a different direction, you make a conscious decision and plant your feet and your faith for this shift. This man, who was an invalid for 38 years and living in the place where healing is stirred, DECIDED that today was the day his healing would come. I know he decided because he stepped out of his comfort zone and stood up after lying by the pool most of his life. He took positive action!

Pick up

What has been your crutch for most of your life? What is that thing that you have leaned on to support your lack of action? For this man, it was his bed perfectly positioned by the Pool of Bethesda. He was close enough to the pool, yet just far enough to make excuses for his lack of effort. Personally, I have used my lack of knowledge in a particular subject to be my crutch – “I can’t do business because I don’t know marketing! Everyone else knows so much more than me!” The truth is – I can do business and be successful because I have DECIDED to learn more about marketing and perfect my craft. I have decided to take that comfortable fear and keep moving forward with it. This invalid picked up his sleeping mat (his crutch) and moved forward from his old place of comfort towards his new belief system.


When you close your eyes and imagine your ideal life, what do you see? How far off is that vision from your physical reality? That gap, however large or small, is your walk! In order to walk, you need belief, direction and confidence. All of these components are within you right now. There is NO THING you need to wait for and NO ONE to wait on! Just walk…

Thirty-eight years is a very long time to allow excuses and fear to shape your life…

One day is too long to allow excuses and fear to shape your life…

Today, choose to stand up, pick up your ‘mat’ and walk!

Do You Want to Get Well Part 2 – No Excuses

Let’s continue our talk on the topic, “Do you want to be well?” Last post, we touched on the condition in which the Messiah found a lame man at the Pool of Bethesda and the compassion He showed as He asked, “Do you want to be well?” Now, here is the response:

“Sir,” the invalid replied, “I have no one to help me into the pool when the water is stirred. While I am trying to get in, someone else goes down ahead of me.” – John 5: 7

Have you ever listened to someone that only complains about what others will or will not do for them? Or have you had a conversation with a person who does not see their own faults, yet can clearly define the faults of others? How do you feel about this person? I often think of this verse when I am in the midst of those who can only see what they do not have. Although I understand the human limits of our natural vision, we must see farther than that! We must yearn to see the truth beyond our natural reality.

Sometimes, I believe we lack faith because we don’t know our worth. Think about it…

The Messiah sees your condition and knows the pain of your journey. He comes to you specifically and directly asks you a simple question. You do not answer the question, but instead you complain about not having help to get healing.

You were offered healing…

Yet, you rejected the invitation to be healed.

Doesn’t that sound silly? Who would ever do that?! Do any of these scenarios sound familiar:

Have you ever purchased exercise equipment only to never use it more than once?

Have you ever registered for a training course to further your business only to cancel it days before because the travel is too inconvenient?

Have you ever purchased vitamins and supplements that would support your health journey yet never actually taken them?

These are all examples of ways you were offered healing, yet rejected the invitation to receive the actually healing. You wanted it, but didn’t desire it. Wanting does not require commitment or responsibility…it is very close to wishing. But desire! That is a totally different thing. Desire is ignited when you have accepted the truth that IT IS POSSIBLE and then take action to acquire it. The lame man only wanted to be healed before Messiah came into his life…it was just a wish with no real possibility of possession.

As I continue to study these scriptures, I realized that one very important shift occurred. This man initially heard ‘a man’ asking a basic question. He did not realize WHO this man was and the authority He possessed. Once that connection was made, he did not hesitate to believe that his deepest desire was possible! He acted and believed and WALKED!

Excuses are directly tied to your level of belief. They are fueled by a deep seated doubt within your heart that only God can expose, remove and replace with power and purpose. Take some time today to think back on areas in your life where you make excuses for not believing. You know exactly what I am talking about! Now, what is one thing can you do right now to believe that it is possible and WALK towards it?

I will back next week to discuss the next phase in the wellness journey – TAKE POSITIVE ACTION.

Until next time….

Live WELL!