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How can I help you?

I am a Peace and Prosperity Coach. I assist women in creating and maintaining the peace they need to experience their best life now! I offer 1 and 3 month programs that offer you a safe place to explore the blocks that are hindering your daily peace and then discover tools to guide you along your path to daily peace and prosperity.

How do I Transform Lives?

“I can’t say enough good things about Dawn. I embarked upon a 30 day coaching journey with her from across the country. I was not sure how it would go since we were not in the same place, let alone the same state. However, the distance was not a challenge at all because Dawn was so attentive to me. She sent me encouraging and at times challenging (and let me say it was just what I needed when I did not even know I needed it) messages regularly. She checked in with me multiple times in the day. Through this process I realized that at some point in my life I made a decision that I was not worthy of taking up space. And that limiting belief played in the background of the way I moved in the world and what I thought of myself. It blew me away when she named it and for me, that was the beginning of significant life transformation. We did the work to cleanse, uproot, and then renew. It was not easy but it was just what I needed. And at the end of my time I received my own Atmosphere of Wellness kit that was uniquely personalized to me. It was perfect for me and I use it daily. It has been a gift that keeps on giving.

Let me say this. I would highly recommend Dawn to anyone who is looking for significant life transformation. As a coach Dawn speaks truth into you that propels you forward into the person you are called to be. She helps you identify the belief systems that are holding you back and limiting your life. She challenges you to pursue the life you are called to live. She is consistent, honest, intuitive, powerfully grounded, and present. And as you are doing the work towards a future of wholeness and peace, she is right there with you. She will not give up on you and she will not let you give up on yourself.”  – Theresita R., Consultant and Coach

Did you know that coaches need a coach as well?  I really believe to grow and become my best self requires accountability and coaching.  My experience with Dawn’s Space to BE program was amazing. Why you ask?  I made a decision to face situations that no longer serve my life.  Dawn allowed me to dig deeply and uncover those ideas and gave me tools to fix them.  I recommend that if you want to find out who and whose you really are Dawn is your coach.  What are you waiting for?
Cherise Irons – Life Coach

During your sessions with me, I will guide you through exposing the triggers that keep you separated from your peace and then teach you how to regain your peace through specific tools and activities. Schedule a call with me today to determine the perfect fit for your journey.

1 Month

Life Accountability and Cleansing Audit

3 Month

Habitual Blocks and Limited Beliefs

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