The Renewal Bundle


These tools explore the obstacles on your path to being who you are Divinely created to be and provides a basic framework to creating healthier thoughts and habits. Mompreneurs will receive:

  • Expanded knowledge of the “what” (beliefs) and tools to begin the inner work of healing.
  • Guidance on how to take it to the next level in my coaching  – Blueprints for Peace Course.


What’s Inside?

4 Resources for Self-Led Coaching – Within the Renewal Bundle, I have provided you with 4 resources that will assist you in creating an atmosphere of wellness within your inner and outer life. If you have purchased this package, you are interested in learning more about yourself and are looking for some beginning tools to start your journey.

As you explore the tools provided, you will come away with a better awareness of why you believe and do what you do. The next step would be to dive deeper into these areas! If you are interested in going deeper, consider joining me on a 6 week journey in my Blueprints for Peace Course!

Enjoy the resources, document your discoveries, plan you next steps and unlock some doors that have been shut for too long. It’s time to be RENEWED!

Reviewing Life – The Junk Drawer
In order to be who you are Divinely created to be, you must understand and explore who you are and why! This resource will start you on that path. We all have “Junk Drawers” in our daily lives – be it physical or mental. The 3 steps within this resource will assist you in unpacking your junk drawer and discover some obstacles holding you back from living a life of peace.

Receiving Love – Showing Self-Love
Based on 1 Corinthians 13, I have taken the attributes of love that we would typically give to others and have extended that love to MYSELF first! I provide a framework on how to create affirmations that are unique to your journey and explain why each verse is important to internalize and model in your daily life. Adjust as you feel led…

Releasing Weight – What’s Your Why?
I present 3 key questions for you to fully explore and unpack in order to discover your ‘Why’. As I answered these questions, I discovered that there is A LOT that I needed to release from my life – not lose it, but release it…never to return. Once I released the mental excess, the physical naturally followed. I don’t work hard to release weight any longer. It all started in my mind and when that is strong, healthy and uncluttered, your body (and life) will follow!

Replacing Thoughts – Method to a Miracle
In this resource, I share the 6 step process necessary to experience a miracle in any area of your life. There are specific, daily actions that must happen in order to replace the dominant thoughts in your mind that block you from living your best and fullest life.