Creating Space to BE

What does it mean to create Space to BE?

The Space to BE Program is a system of tools that assist you in creating PEACE within your daily lives. One thing I learned as I embarked on my own journey to wellness was that if I lacked the discipline to remain anchored on God’s peace, then I would continue to be tossed around by the cares of life. It was then that I decided that a shift was necessary in my atmosphere – both my inner and outer atmosphere. I needed to create SPACE in my life to BE who God originally created me to be. And now, I offer the process and system that I crafted for my life to you! 

There are 3 levels to the Space to BE Program:

  • Just BE
  • BE Well
  • BE Whole

Space to BE Packages

Just BE - $97 Investment

Within the Just Be Package, I have provided you with 5 resources that will assist you in creating an atmosphere of wellness within your inner and outer life. If you have purchased this package, you are interested in learning more about yourself and are looking for some beginning tools to start your journey. 

As you explore the tools provided, you will come away with a better awareness of why you believe and do what you do. The next step would be to dive deeper into these areas! If you are interested in going deeper, consider stepping into the next package – Be WELL. 

Enjoy the resources and utilize this journal to document your discoveries, plan you next steps and unlock some doors that have been shut for too long.


BE Well ($497 Investment) 

BE Whole ($997 Investment)

These packages are for the woman who desires to not only understand that what (beliefs), but is willing, able and open to diving deeper to the why and who. She is ready to commit to daily, intentional actions on a consistent basis to experience wellness in her life (inner and outer). 

Within the BE Well and BE Whole Packages, I have expanded on the resources provided within The Just BE package. Within these packages, I walk you through a 5 Step Process to BE Well and BE Whole:

  • Understand your Needs
  • Shift your Perspective and Perception
  • Elevate your Knowledge
  • Design your Atmosphere
  • Execute your Daily, Intentional Actions

Within these steps, I connect with you to discover the current atmosphere in your life and how to ELEVATE it. 

Please Note: The BE Whole Package provides more one-on-one interaction with me for 6 months and more resources within each step of the process, including personal daily accountability.  


In the Know...

Every day, I am dreaming BIG and desiring to GIVE even BIGGER! I created a private Facebook group to not only share my business, but share my life with my followers! Look up Space to BE and join us!

What's your Experience?

I am amazingly blessed to be able to assist women in creating more PEACE in their daily lives. To provide them with a private, sacred space to connect with their power and beauty within is a MUST for every woman, but ESPECIALLY busy moms and professionals.  Share with me your experience in the Space to BE program and I will highlight you HERE!