Creating a Love Affair - M.Jefferson

Greetings Atmospheres of Wellness,

I wanted to pause and take a moment to note and comment on my new wellness toolkit. I first would like to note that the toolkit is a beautiful peace of jewelry that sits on my dresser. It is a constant visual reminder that I must continue to make a moment to Love myself and connect with God, everyday. The affirmations that are contained are a lyrical method in which I send vibrational hugs to my sub conscious everyday. Incorporating this practice allows me to raise my vibrational frequency and exist at the highest frequency of possible: love. One of the best features about the tool kit is the sensory journey that it allows one spirit to embark upon. The fragrant rollerball allows one spirit to awaken and vibrate with its sensual smell, the sensory journey is only enhanced by the bright candles that burn. My favorite part of the toolkit is the compact. The compact allows me to check myself to function to highest level and to ignite love into every environment in which I enter. In conclusion, the wellness toolkit is the the best thing one can do to create a love affair with God and themselves.

Thank you for providing the world with a tool to access their inner Spirit. 

Learning Self-Love - B. Rodriguez

One day in conversation with my dear friend Dawn I went on a venting marathon! I explained to her how tired and burnt I was from working and parenting and felt there was never no break to breathe and just be. I was trying to understand how could I balance all of it. During conversation Dawn's  first question to me was "What do you love to do, that you lose track of time off?" I'm like "huh" I couldn't answer her because I truly didn't know what I love to do aside from my career as a makeup artist but that is work, hard work that eventually exhaust you. So Dawn said "think about it..." and that is what I just did. She made it a point for me to discover my self love from a  simple point "what could I do in a hour by myself that I throughly enjoyed doing." Periodically during the week Dawn would check in with me and ask "did you discover it yet?" I still had a stuck mind trying to figure it out!  What was awesome Dawn was relentless and she would suggest various hobbies and alone time experiences to get my inspiration going.......she's like "take a bubble bath" and I was like "my water stopper does not work" and she said "put a towel over it and get that bathtub running!" hahaha and that's what I just did! Taking that bubble bath got my wheels turning in discovering my self love!  I discovered that I love to do various things!  I now religiously gift myself flowers every week, I take bubble baths with rose petals periodically, I get hot stone pedicures from time to time and I go visit different quaint places on my own all alone such as farmers markets, antique shops and unique shops once a week.
I can't be thankful enough for an opportunity to be inspired and pushed to discover what's important for me. Not only did this uplift me but as well elevated me in maintaining the importance of me! I've come to a place that I I now can say "what I love to do that I lose track of time off....."

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