Welcome to Your Inner Peace

I help Women Design Lives of peace in their Homes and Minds.

Journey from Chaos to Peace

Atmospheres of Wellness seeks to facilitate a journey to Inner Peace and Physical Space for connection with God in your life.  With the combination of inner mindset renewal and physical space elevation, Mompreneurs will give themselves permission to ‘take up space’ in their world. Spiritual, emotional and spatial well-being are essential components to living a life of daily peace.

By Designing their Atmospheres, Mompreneurs will experience inner and outer transformation that shifts their thoughts from ones of anxiety, stress and worry to thoughts of peace, grace and ease.

Designing Space to Choose Peace

I’ve been stuck. I know what it feels like to lack purpose and connection to God and your own self.

But, I’m here to tell you something…
You have a unique Blueprint to create an unshakable life of Peace!
Being in the architecture industry for over 20 years, I understand how vital it is to follow a specific blueprint and build a sturdy foundation for your building.
As the Peace Architect, my purpose is to help you uproot and demolish your faulty foundational beliefs and then rebuild a sturdy life free from anxiety, stress and worry.
Creating a Blueprint to override the stress, anxiety and worry in daily life is possible. Allow me to take your hand and guide you through the very paths I took to live a life of greater inner peace.
I guide women towards their unique answers to these powerful questions:
  • How sturdy is your foundation?
  • What are your daily thoughts, beliefs and actions?
  • What environment do you experience on a regular basis?
  • And do these answers align with the purpose of your life
Join me and I promise to guide you.

Space to BE.

Inner Peace.


I am your guide.

Hi, I’m Dawn – The Peace Architect!

For as long as I can remember, I have been a healer. My heart’s desire is to see the people around living well and BEING well.  My training in Architecture mixed with my passion for healing mindsets are ways that I carry out my purpose on this Earth.

I guide Mompreneurs who have been separated from their daily peace on how to elevate their lives through Sacred Wellness Space Creation.

We work together to Co-Create an Atmosphere of Wellness and Peace in your Home, Office and Mind. 

Kind words for Atmospheres of Wellness

I am blessed to have helped many women create the space they needed to BE themselves: intentional, prosperous, and peaceful. Here are some of the transformations I’ve facilitated.

Oslyn - Sacred Wellness Space

When I saw the space Dawn created for my friend, Cherise, I knew I wanted a sanctuary of my own. I am in a season where I desperately need to have a place just for me. As a homeschooling mom of four, Pastor’s wife, enterpreneur, and leader of a nonprofit organization, I am constantly on the go.

For my birthday this year, which was in early February, all I wanted was to go on a personal retreat. I have been longing for a getaway to just be alone with my thoughts, in the presence of the Lord, and in a tranquil locale like The Cove in Asheville, NC. Unfortunately, the timing just wasn’t right. Dawn was able to give me what I desired, and more. I have a personal retreat that I can escape to every single day! As I write this, I am away from home, and am missing my secret space. I can’t wait to get home so I can escape to my personal sanctuary.     Dawn was easy to work with and really listened to my needs. Even though we were in different states, it never felt like a limitation. She kept me informed throughout the process from start to finish. She was very professional, and worked within my budget. I could not believe how she transformed a closet under my stairs into a personal oasis. It was a transformation that took my breath away.      This truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Each time I spend in my personal retreat, I replenish my soul, so I can pour out again to my family, and those around me. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Dawn, and highly recommend her to anyone who just needs to have a little peace and rest for their souls.

B. Rodriguez - One-on-One Coaching

One day in conversation with my dear friend Dawn I went on a venting marathon! I explained to her how tired and burnt I was from working and parenting and felt there was never no break to breathe and just be. I was trying to understand how could I balance all of it. During conversation Dawn’s  first question to me was “What do you love to do, that you lose track of time off?” I’m like “huh” I couldn’t answer her because I truly didn’t know what I love to do aside from my career as a makeup artist but that is work, hard work that eventually exhaust you. So Dawn said “think about it…” and that is what I just did. She made it a point for me to discover my self love from a  simple point “what could I do in a hour by myself that I throughly enjoyed doing.” Periodically during the week Dawn would check in with me and ask “did you discover it yet?” I still had a stuck mind trying to figure it out!  What was awesome Dawn was relentless and she would suggest various hobbies and alone time experiences to get my inspiration going…….she’s like “take a bubble bath” and I was like “my water stopper does not work” and she said “put a towel over it and get that bathtub running!” hahaha and that’s what I just did! Taking that bubble bath got my wheels turning in discovering my self love!  I discovered that I love to do various things!  I now religiously gift myself flowers every week, I take bubble baths with rose petals periodically, I get hot stone pedicures from time to time and I go visit different quaint places on my own all alone such as farmers markets, antique shops and unique shops once a week.

I can’t be thankful enough for an opportunity to be inspired and pushed to discover what’s important for me. Not only did this uplift me but as well elevated me in maintaining the importance of me! I’ve come to a place that I I now can say “what I love to do that I lose track of time off…..”

M. Jefferson - Wellness Toolkit

I wanted to pause and take a moment to note and comment on my new wellness toolkit. I first would like to note that the toolkit is a beautiful peace of jewelry that sits on my dresser. It is a constant visual reminder that I must continue to make a moment to Love myself and connect with God, everyday. The affirmations that are contained are a lyrical method in which I send vibrational hugs to my sub conscious everyday. Incorporating this practice allows me to raise my vibrational frequency and exist at the highest frequency of possible: love. One of the best features about the tool kit is the sensory journey that it allows one spirit to embark upon. The fragrant roller-ball allows one spirit to awaken and vibrate with its sensual smell, the sensory journey is only enhanced by the bright candles that burn. My favorite part of the toolkit is the compact. The compact allows me to check myself to function to highest level and to ignite love into every environment in which I enter. In conclusion, the wellness toolkit is the the best thing one can do to create a love affair with God and themselves.

Thank you for providing the world with a tool to access their inner Spirit.

M. Jefferson - Sacred Wellness Space

As a successful professional working in Washington D.C., I began to feel stagnant with my existence in life.  My routines included working, going to the gym and going through life as a hamster on a wheel.  I looked up and one day I choose that I wanted to shift my Paradigm and my existence here on this planet that we call Earth.  However, I was bogged down with dirt and objects that my Physical Environment began to choke my spirit.  Atmospheres of Wellness, helped me realize that it was time to clean up. Internally, I was self- aware of the fact that before any change was to occur I had to clean up.

During the process of cleaning up and clearing out, I began to be amazed about the enormous amount of wealth that I already accumulated.   The Holy Spirit had already blessed me with so many treasures with in my home, that I was unable to see, due to the fact that I” was sleep walking through life.  I began to take out bags and bags of trash, each bag symbolized all of the emotional baggage that was weighing me down in my life, blocking me from rising to the highest level of my potential.  As, I was on my hand and knees like Cinderella, wishing and hoping for a better life, I began to scrub away all of the worry and doubt that I had about my life and my existence here on this earth.  As I scrubbed and backed away, my hard wood floors sparkled with hope and possibility.  I knew that it was just the beginning.  I would also like to note the fact that as I scrubbed expelling energy, I removed the negative energy from my home.

During the creation, of my space, Atmospheres of Wellness channeled in the Positive Energy from the Universe and placed in in my home.

After, my Sacred Space was created my spirit, had a place to go and be one with the Holy Spirit.  It began to feel like a cocoon that enveloped me with love, peace and nurturing to give to the world all of my gifts and talents.  My Sacred Space is where I feel the Holy Spirit touches me and the planet Earth.  My relationship with the Holy Spirit feels stronger since the creation of my Sacred Space.  Naturally, by having a whole part of my living space dedicated to the Holy Spirit, the energy has flowed and seeped into every single wall and baseboard of my  home.  Now, I feel that my home is Sacred and is a place where God lives.  I also realized that my home was so bogged down with dirt and objects draining energy that I became a prisoner in my own home.  I didn’t invite hardly anyone into my home due to the fact that I didn’t want them to experience the environment that I lived in.  Once, Atmospheres of Wellness helped me to create my space and my Sacred Environment I began to me more adapt to say “Sure, you can stop by”.

A by-product of completing a Space To Be, is that your Spirit has the opportunity to be free to create.  After, a long day, I have the desire to just sit down in my Sacred Space and soak with the presence of the Holy Spirit around me, it is within that space that my mind soars and ideas begin to download into my mind.  I now have the creative energy and the drive to create my existence on this planet.  My spirit soars and now that I have a Space To Be.